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In 2019, we were engaged to develop a one-off landscape design that brought our client’s pre-existing pool into the limelight, while beautifying the surrounding area so that they could get the maximum use out of their large outdoor space.

While the idea of pool maintenance storage might not be an exciting aspect of the design process, the initial planning period is the best time to consider important storage needs. We meticulously designed maintenance equipment storage that became fun and exciting elements of the overall design.

The design brief outlined a request for us to include a concealed rear shed in the north-western corner of the property. The shed was at a lower level to the pool, which presented our landscape architects with a particular challenge. No strangers to tricky site conditions, our solution was to build a raised deck level with the pool and to screen the shed with a vertical steel structure that would provide the canopy for a relaxed poolside seating and entertaining area.

Rather than introduce additional hardscaping to provide the shade necessary to enjoy summers under the hot Perth sun, we incorporated a mature magnolia tree (Magnolia grandiflora ‘St Mary’) by raising the level of the soil with a concealed planter beneath the deck. The strong architectural presence of the vertical slats will be softened in time as plants are encouraged to grow up and over it.

Also hidden beneath the deck is a quirky, custom pool blanket box. Great care was given to ensuring that the distance between the pool box and the concrete edge matched perfectly so that the timber boards could run seamlessly along the full length of the deck and the lid could be lifted. A fraction of a millimetre off and it would have spoiled the illusion (scroll through the gallery to see the reveal!). Our clients are loving being able to entertain outdoors with their family and friends.